LEISURE FM – London-Based Twins Spellbind With Their Darkish Dream Pop Piece ‘STATUESQUE’

12 October 2023

Who: Twins Milena & Weronika, born in Poland, who lived in Wales as children
and now calling South East London home. Driven by late-night contemplation &
an experimental spirit, they started producing music in their bedrooms a few
years back to combat lockdown blues, alongside DJing regularly.

Influenced by Cocteau Twins, Lana Del Rey, David Lynch,
Dido, Sofia Coppola
and romanticism.

Key track from their forthcoming first-rate debut EP. A dream-pop/electronica
fusion that lurks in the shadowy spaces of lost love, sadness & existential dread.

TUTV: Absorbing, arresting, and spellbinding. Statuesque is a mid-tempo, darkish
dream pop meditation. Richly, yet subtly orchestrated with weeping violins here
and there, shimmering guitar sparks, and femme fatale vocals gliding all over it. Hallucinative karma, chilling vibrations, masterly debut. Bring on the EP.

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