SMITT E. SMITTY & THE FEZZTONES – Boston’s Punk Glam Squad Let The Dogs Out On New Single/Video ‘THE GROWLER’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

18 October 2023

Credit Smitt E. Smitty

Who: Kooky Boston octet

New single/video: THE GROWLER

Smitt E. Smitty about the new video: “I wanted to take the idea of living with ‘reckless abandon’ and add an old-time horror movie element to it. A genuine ‘growling’ protagonist. One-hundred percent Mr. Hyde without any Dr. Jekyll. Plus, we did a live show at The Met in Rhode Island, and I was able to use that footage to capture the energy of our performance for the song. When people come to our live shows, they are always blown away by the energy and passion we put forth. It’s that passion that is captured for this music video.”

TUTV: Invite this punk glam squad to your Halloween party and your neighborhood
will never be the same again. They rattle and rumble and roll with ebullient exuberance and they swing and shake their butts off. Flaming guitars attack your speakers relentlessly, the flipped-out drummer does the very same thing and general Smitt E. Smitty leads his freaked-out troops with buzzkill brio and zonked zest. Hallelujah.

Let the dogs out.

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