UNCUT Magazine With Cover Star SLY STONE Who Has A Brand New Biography Out

18 October 2023

UNCUT: “Sly’s long-awaited autobiography finally hit the shelves, and we’re granted a rare audience with the legendary recluse – we also bring you an exclusive extract from the book
and hear a compelling eyewitness account from his imperial phase via one of his former bandmates.”

Funky as hell

It’s Sly’s first time on an Uncut cover – part of our ongoing commitment to develop new cover artists alongside more familiar faces. You’ll find plenty of those, of course, elsewhere in the issue – the Rolling Stones, Dylan, Jason Isbell, Nirvana – plus punk’s lost heroes The Adverts, and Lankum, whose False Lankum has been a regular fixture on the Uncut stereo since early spring. Lankum have also curated this month’s free CD for us – a stunning primer to the new wave of Irish musicians taking folk, drone, psychedelia, art pop and more in bold, new directions. A new cover artist and a bunch of great discoveries await on our free CD.”

New biography, titled Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) is out now. Buy here.

You can purchase a copy and let it be sent to your home address. Info here.

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