Extended plays

25 April 2022

Last November sharp-rapping poets SLEAFORD MODS  played in their
hometown Nottingham. Now 6 of the performed tracks (2 of the latest
album ‘Spare Ribs‘, a cover of Yazoo’s ‘Don’t Go and 2 oldies) are cemented
in a live EP called LIVE AT NOTTZ ARENA.

Mork In Mindy features big soul voice Billy Nominates
and Amyl Taylor was a guest on Nudge It (which she did
too on the duo’s 2021 LP).

Get up and let your feet and your hips do the talking…


Sonic Science-Fiction With Boston Act VIOLET NOX And Their New ‘ERIS AWAKES’ EP

18 April 2022

Who: Experimental electro duo, Dez DeCarlo and Andrew Abrahamson,
from Boston who collaborate frequently with other artists.


“The album was written during the worldwide pandemic in 2021. It represents the current rebellious transitional unstable times we are in. Eris is the Goddess warrior of discord and chaos, a dwarf planet, the Star Child, the trans-Neptunian object. Her energy flowed freely through Violet Nox during the creation of this album to harness an uninhibited depth of psychic reflections and hidden shadows from which the essence of “Eris Wakes” tunes and harmonizes.”

Turn Up The Volume: Violet Nox compose their spaced-out symphonies in an
electronic universe of their own where ambient music dominates in all its different reverberations. Soothing and meditative (opener Spaceport 5), tripping out (Eris / Bellatrix), spooky (Magnetar), and mind-puzzling (Ghost Star). It all feels utopian and cosmic. Foggy harmonies with Portishead‘s vocalist Beth Gibbons transcended timbre and repetitive eurhythmics echoing German legends Tangerine Dream.

Close encounters of the third kind.
Sonic science-fiction. Stupefying

Buy/stream Eris Wakes here…

All songs written by Dez DeCarlo and Andrew Abrahamson
with additional lyrics by Noell Dorsey (Eris, Magnetar) and Karen
(Spaceport 5) and instrumental contributions by Alexis
Desjardins and Fen Rotstein

Mixed by Andrew Abrahamson with Dez DeCarlo
Mastered by Andrew Abrahamson

British Pop Tandem TINY DYNO Duo Spoil Your Ears With Their 4-Track Debut EP ‘COMPARISON CLUB’

Extended plays

12 April 2022

(Photo by Nick Davies)

Who: Emily Gardiner and Tom Kuras from Bristol (UK)
who blend the art of immaculate pop with the warm
glow of sugar-spun indie.


Four sunlight, amplified, multi-orchestral-layered and Springtime pop
thrills with Saint-Etienne echoes, that spoil your ears and put a big
smile on your face.

“Channeling the sounds of ‘90s rock and ‘60s pop, marrying
pounding rhythms and yearning melodies over a sea of guitars.”


“Gardiner expresses the internal tug of war of anger and acceptance in a failing relationship.
Tiny Dyno discovered a unique connection, combining the infectious tones of indie pop with an underlying sense of anxiety.”


“Kuras’ ear combines for pop rock and haunting and powerful lead vocals from Gardiner.”

(Should be a global hit)

“The stripped back verses make way for the gargantuan chorus. Gardiner isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, the lyrics have a genuine vulnerability; “but I’m still holding on, and I know that it’s wrong.”

TINO DYNO: Facebook – Instagram

Singer-Songwriter ODAWIN Shines On 4-Track Debut EP

15 February 2022

Artist: ODAWIN
Who: An Italian singer-songwriter, born Patrizio Ottavianiiter.
His sound draws on psychedelic rock and Arabic harmonies.

Released: 4 February 2022 via Wires Records

“Four songs that describe the progressive stages of a project,
first of all interior, started in March 2020. The songs, composed
several months apart, are the expression of different emotional
past and experiences encountered by the Roman artist over time. “

Turn Up The Volume: An exotic spark with glimmering guitars (Knight Of Cups),
a meditative piano ballad and two prog-rock resounding compositions (Love Burns
/ Beliefs
), bringing legends Genesis (early years with Peter Gabriel) and YES to mind.
Add Odawin‘s scintillating voice and the final result is a triumphant, effervescent
debut EP.

Stream here…

ODAWIN: Facebook


24 January 2022

Who: Jewish mystics/drone/space pop explorers from Merrick, US.

EP: American Klezmische

Second installment of the In The Running series by I Heart Noise, the Boston
label that thinks out of the box promoting musicians who think out of the box.

Turn Up The Volume: I guess we can all can use some relaxing and tranquilizing moments, now and then, to get away from all that mind-oppressive pandemic misery.

Let’s start to relax with the first two tracks Old Schmeckled Hen and Noshville. Two magnetizing meditations that cause a trance-like sensation with its repetitive flow
and a hypnotic clawhammer banjo riff sounding like a sitar to my ears.

Tracks 3 and 4 (Stratoshmear and Klezmische) generates a similar effect but have
a different, more upbeat texture with its spirited harmonies and keep up the bracing balance of this extended play.

Someday soon change will come.
Humankind always found a way to survive.

Positive vibes like these are welcome…



COCTEAU TWINS Legend ROBIN GUTHRIE Celebrates His 60th Birthday With New Cinematic EP ‘SPRINGTIME’

Great extended plays

5 January 2022

Who: Scottish trailblazer best known as a founder and
sonic dreamweaver of legendary trio Cocteau Twins

Recent works: 2 EPs, Mockingbird Love and Riviera, and
one full album called Pearldiving, all released in 2021.

Guthrie was born 60 years ago, on 4 January 1962. Happy B. to the heart and soul
touching musician. To celebrate his birthday, he just released (yesterday) another
EP titled SPRINGTIME, containing 4 instrumental, synths painted pieces with an
instant soothing effect.

Imagine this: an eagle flying, with its wide wings spread, over a high mountain, with
a bright blue sky on top of it. All nature, all beauteousness, all cinematic magnificence.
Get the picture? I’m sure you do.

Dim the lights, sit down, relax, open your mind and
your ears and let yourself float on these moony waves…


Photo by Violette Guthrie

ROBIN GUTHRIE – Former Cocteau Twin Charms With Soothing Magnificence On New EP ‘RIVIERA’

13 December 2021

Artist: ROBIN GUTHRIE (Scotland)
Who: Co-founder of Cocteau Twins (1979–1997)


It has been a busy year for the Scottish musician. Last October he brought us his starry-eyed Mockingbird Love EP, followed in November by his first longplayer in nine years, called Pearldiving.

(photo by Violet Guthrie)

And here’s another EP titled RIVIERA.

An instrumental 4-track one with a featherlight, heavenly and spiritual magnificence. Stardust everywhere. If you’re not into all that festive end-of-the-year fuss (like me) play
all Guthrie‘s 2021 releases on repeat. It’ll give you (and me) a mind-relaxing, soothing,
and idyllic feel. Sparkling vibrations for the midnight hours. Guthrie transfers you to a blissful place.



Ardent Guitar Pop Band MARLOW Bedazzle With Terrific 4-Track EP

First-class extended plays

6 December 2021

Who: A five-piece band based in Eastbourne, East Sussex.
Comprised of Freddie (Vocals), Joe (Guitar), Seb (Bass), Archie (Synth)
and Liam (Drums) the band suck listeners into their world through
a dynamic surge and zesty, modern approach. Their music is purely
about a feeling, told from the depths of their hearts and delivered
with a hint of mystique.

Influences: Oasis, Tame Impala, The Strokes,
The Vaccines and The Courteeners


“The EP looks into a relationship breaking down. It’s about
riding out the sad, bad, mad times, in order to reach a place
of peace. Titled Enthusiast, as it takes a certain type of person
to be able get through the tough times and to look for the light.”

Turn Up The Volume: This 5-piece hit the big time with four ardent
pop sockdolagers. They bedazzle with reflective wholeheartedness
(Foreign Land / Fade In) with energetic pizzaz (Someone, Anyone) and
one of the best singles of 2021, I repeat, one of the best singles of
2021 with Blame It, an instant masterstroke with frontman Freddie
going out-of-his-mind on the epic chorus. Wow!

(Photo by Eva Pantel)

Video clips for…



You can blame anybody,
but not Marlow

Their enthusiasm is off the charts…

MARLOW: Facebook

Paranoid Party Dog LEG PUPPY Back In Da House With ‘FIVE’ Vibrant Vibrations

Extended Plays

22 November 2021

Who: Techno misfit from London


“Five tracks all over Five minutes, not one
mention of heartbreak, love and moving on!

Turn Up The Volume: This 5-track EP with five of Leg Puppy’s
Top-5 hits is what you need to kick another awful virus year in
the mouth mask face.

40 minutes of brainwashing dancefloor frenzy starting with the sassy
electro-rock stomper ‘Tears‘ delivered with trance-tastic Voi Vang vocals,
followed by a black paranoid sabbath orgy, a technotronic jam called NDA,
a schizophrenic Luid 23 juggernaut and a razzle-dazzle roller coaster doing
your dope profile in to end this Doomsday party.

FIVE is the EP to start and
end all Xmas diners with…

LEG PUPPY: Facebook

A Warm Americana Voice From Northern Ireland – LEE ROGERS Enchants With New EP ‘DARK NOTIONS’

Extended plays

8 November 2021


Who: Singer-songwriter from the small town of Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.
His musical inspiration was drawn from classic voices outside of the tensions in
his homeland. Bill Withers, Marc Cohen, Tom Waits, and the like were all bright colours
from a musical palette far away from the often-grim surroundings of Northern Ireland
at that time. Rogers’ voice and sound pull from the vast well of timeless Americana,
all the while underpinned by the authentic writings of his life and its surroundings.


Rogers: “I don’t like the idea of songs sitting silently on hard drives. These ones were
written to be heard and I kind of like that they don’t fit with anything else other than back
to back together on their own EP… For this EP I wanted to hark back a bit to the excitement
of holding a piece of music in your hands, reading sleeve notes, taking in the artwork and looking at something other than your phone while listening. There’s so much missing from
the whole experience these days. I still love the ritual of pulling a CD case open, or putting
the needle arm onto a record on the turntable, and I really think the contents of this EP
lend themselves perfectly to that.””

(photo by Ken Haddock)

Turn Up The Volume: This is high-quality songwriting. From riveting grooves
to soul-stirring balladry. Compelling stories, masterly arrangments, instantly
sticking melodiousness, and a magnific Americana voice. Arresting work.

Discover and enjoy all six beauties…

Besides the five original songs Rogers also included his remarkable cover of the 1977
Bee Gees’ massive disco hit Stayin’ Alive. Remarkable as he slows the song down in a mesmerizing way and because his warm and melancholic vox – instead of the brothers’ helium vocals – changes the resonance totally. A gem of a cover…

LEE ROGERS: Facebook

(Sublime EP artwork by Lee Rogers)