TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For SEPTEMBER 2019…

This past month’s best…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A fervid fusion of clashing crackers and boisterous bangers!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout September Team

1. ‘Land Of Dead’ by ELEPHANT STONE (Montreal, Canada)
A stomping rocker pushed by a steamy sitar riff. Wham bloody bam!

2. ‘Destiny’ by PRYSM (North Of England, UK)
Flaming fuel for all you out there who needs to ventilate their fury once in a while. Yeah!

3. ‘Don’t Wake Up, Wake Up by NO SWOON
Savage guitars, ablaze percussion & urgent vocals! Bang-up buster! Jaw-dropping debut!

4. ‘Getting Older’ by RETAIL SPACE (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Dazzling guitar pop catchiness that will make your head swirl 360°. Irresistible zinger!

5. ‘Pushing Back’ by THE NEW POLLUTION (New York, US)
An ongoing repetitive hypnotic guitar riff spiced with airy dancey vibes. Bingo!

6. ‘We’re Not Detective’ by FEVA (Newcastle, UK)
Boiling hot smasher! Uproarious hubbub that will blow up your speakers! Kaboom!…

7. ‘Ego‘ by FERAL FIVE (London, UK)
Blistering blessing for those who want to swing themselves into a coma. Tanze jetzt!

8. ‘Mexico’ by HUSBANDS
The 21st Century Beach Boys. Non-stop fun, daily sun and sonic bubblegum. Surf’s up!

9. ‘Second Hand Emotion’ by SAYTR PLAY (Manchester, UK)
Put on some mascara, your sexiest boots, your coolest shirt and let your adrenalin flow.

10. ’75 Trips’ by REFLEKTER (Nottingham, UK)
Hungry guitars, jumpy electro beat injections, cocky vocals and a knockout chorus. Top!

11. ‘Love Is Around‘ by GREAT HARE (Gothenburg, Sweden)
A sticky amplified guitar pop tune, jingle jangle chants and a nostalgic Dinosaur JR feel…

All together on Spotify…

See/hear you next month, music junkies…

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American Duo HUSBANDS Surfs Harmoniously On New Single ‘MEXICO’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

28 August 2019

(photo: Averi Campbell)


Who: A sparkling lo-fi power pop duo from Seattle/Oklahoma City

Pick: MEXICO – newest single – “an escapist fantasy love song dedicated to
the dream of moving to a coastal town: to be poor and happy together

Score: I guess it’s summer all year long for this perky duo. They definitely sound like it. ‘Mexico‘ is a highly frisky earworm that will make your feet tap, your head spin and your mood go boom. Yep, it’s 21st Century Beach Boys time. All that matters is non-stop fun, daily sun and lots of sonic bubblegum. Get up, stand up and fight for your right to feel happy right here…

HUSBANDS: Facebook – More stuff on Bandcamp

Purchase MEXICO via Bandcamp

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Energizing Crackers for Week 29…


Seven shining tracks that I played on repeat these past days
Seven crackers to energize your body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope in these troubled times…

1/ ‘I’m A Man Too’ by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS
Unstoppable pop punk euphoria that will turn you completely bonkers…
On album: ‘Glow In The Dark’ – stream here on Spotify
DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Birthday Blues’ by TEAM PICTURE (Leeds, UK)
Mind-bending steamroller growing heavier with every second – a knockout debut jam…
TEAM PICTURE: Website – Twitter

3/ ‘Neuromancer’ by HUSBANDS (Oklahoma City, ex- Kevin Durant town)
You’ll whistle this swirling tune all summer long – damn you will…
HUSBANDS: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Retread Backwards’ by THE BIG GONE (Los Angeles, CA)
Bass driven pop electricity spiced midway with a cool choir…
THE BIG GONE: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘So Fast’ by TAPE WAVES (Charleston, US)
Delightful ecstasy fueled sunbeam with an irresistible flow…
Album: sophomore LP ‘Here To Fade’ out 29th of July via Bleeding Gold Records
TAPE WAVES: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘High Drive’ by HEAVY HEART (London, UK)
Amplified dream pop colored with angelic vocals – time to fly away…
HEAVY HEART: Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Ride On’ by THE DHARMA VIOLETS (Cardiff, Wales)
A fetching jingle jangle groove wrapped in a psychedelic cloud…
Album: ‘Rhandom Transmissions’ – here on Bandcamp
THE DHARMA VIOLETS: Facebook – Website – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…