Noise that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


‘Killing Of America’ by UNIFORM


Holy Fuck! New York City noisemakers UNIFORM just shared the perfect sledgehammer
to be played INSANELY LOUD at Donald Trump‘s inauguration. That utter idiot is ready for THE KILLING OF AMERICA so why not deliver that Russia controlled billionaire the proper soundtrack. Here’s the machine gun killer track that will do the trick perfectly…

The band – vocalist Michael Berdan and guitarist/producer Ben Greenberg – will release their sophomore LP, titled WAKE IN FRIGHT on 20th January. Details here on Bandcamp. “This record is primarily about psychic transition…. the distress that these songs attempt to illustrate comes from a place of stagnation and monotony. This is what happens when old ways of thinking become exhausted and old ways of coping prove ineffective. Something must change or it will break.” Berdan explains while Greenberg adds: “This music is our response to and our reflection of the overwhelming violence, chaos, hate, and destruction that confronts us and everyone else in the world every day of our lives. When we play, I don’t feel powerless anymore.
I hope this record can help others transcend their anger and frustration.”

UNIFORM: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(photo: TUTV!)

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