Belgian Guitar Pop Dreamers THE SPECTORS Touch Heart And Soul With Sticky Tunes…

THE SPECTORS – Café Afsnis, Ghent, Belgium – 16 May 2018

“Songs with a good rhythm, a catchy melody, and are easy to remember and sing along to. They usually have a chorus that’s repeated several times and two or more verses. Most pop songs are between two and five minutes long, and the lyrics are usually about the joys and problems of love and relationships.” – Definition provided by English Club Website.

“A special power that some people have naturally that makes them able to influence other people and attract their attention and admiration” – definition provided by Cambridge Dictionary

A group of inventive musicians with a bag full of sticky tunes, addictive melodies and hum/sing-along choruses. A team of musicians turning accessible songs into irresistible earworms. A band fronted by a glamorous singer/bassist assisted sonically by a big-time banging drummer and a scintillating duo of exhilarating guitarists producing contagious electricity. You want an example? Well, here we go, folks. Yesterday night Belgian quartet The Spectors matched my charismatic-pop-band-definition just perfectly. Why? Here’s
a first why for starters… Borderline, the sparkling single from their new album, which should actually be a hit in a world not dominated by corporate record label sharks licking the asses of corporate radios who’s ONLY reason of existence is scoring huge listening rates, therefore they need corporate shit music, unlike this shoegazy indie pop pearl…

I’m sure I’ve made my point, but to convince also those four stubborn doubters,
hiding there in the back behind that lousy, new Editors LP, here’s The Spectors
new album OOH AAH AAH in full…


And, yes, trust me,
live they also hit bullseye

A charismatic stone rose

“Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick…”

Mirror, mirror on the wall

I wanna be adored


Until the next time...

THE SPECTORS: Facebook – Instagram –  Twitter

(pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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