Gripping Sadness With BASEMENT REVOLVER And Downhearted Ballad ‘BABY’…

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17 May 2018

Canadian indie rockers BASEMENT REVOLVER impress passionately with new track BABY from their upcoming debut LP. “It’s a song about feeling sad and down even though you are generally happy about everything and everyone in your life’ explains frontwoman Chrisy Hurn.

Many of us are familiar with those emotions, I guess. Being confused, lost, puzzled is part of humankind’s nature. Therefore, in moments of solitude a gripping, downhearted ballad as ‘Baby’ is a comforting companion. It’s the kind of touching song you want to hear when feeling miserable and mournful. The kind of soul-stirring song you play on the jukebox, in a bar, late at night, when you’re depressed and went out for a drink on your own. The right music at the right time and place can do so much more than having a chat with someone who has no idea of what you’re going through. Sonic melancholia can ease the pain…

“Baby I’m so sorry, I’m trying my best to figure this out, I swear that I’m so happy,
this crying won’t fix what’s already broken and dead, just give me some time”.

BASEMENT REVOLVER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Album HEAVY EYES – out 24 August – all info here.


  1. Carrie · May 19, 2018

    Great minds think alike!😊

  2. JL · May 19, 2018


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