KRISTIN HERSH Launches Another Groovy Punch From Her New Solo Album – Here’s ‘NO SHADE IN SHADOW’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

30 July 2018

Supreme singer/songwriter KRISTIN HERSH will release her brand new solo album POSSIBLE DUST CLOUDS October 5. In a press statement, Hersh revealed that: “I usually play all the instruments on my solo records, essentially the sound of having no friends, but sociopaths can’t realize their potential without people to work out their grievances on and this record is a freakin’ sociopath. So I invited my friends to the party I wanted to hear. Not a live record but an alive record.”

On earlier shared new tracks Lax and Breathe In the former Throwing Muses frontwoman already showed loud and clear what she actually means with “the new album will be not a live record but an alive record.” Two turbulent crackers with a terrifically vivid impact. And third new song NO SHADE IN SHADOW has that same groovy punch, ardent grinta and vivacious spirit. A mid-tempo banger that has an immediate impact on the movements
of your head, your feet and the rhythm of your heartbeat. Capture the electrical grit right here…
KRISTIN HERSH: Website – Facebook – Twitter

POSSIBLE DUST CLOUDS out 5 October via Fire Records – all info here

(photo Kristin Hersh via PR agency Shameless Promotions PR)

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