Danish Trio JOURS Amazes With Zestful Debut Single ‘TRICK’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

6 April 2019

Sorry Mister William Shakespeare but there’s nothing rotten in the state of Denmark. On the contrary, the music coming out of that north European country lately is thrilling, elevating, compelling and totally riveting. Turn Up The Volume already featured some of those up and coming Danish artists such as great vox Rebecca Lou, electro pop brothers Alcabean and singer-songwriter M. Rexen.

Interesting detail is that they all are on the same indie label, called We Are Suburban,
the Rough Trade of Denmark. And here’s their next fresh act named jours. An arousing
trio that just released their debut single TRICK. A flamboyant piece of amplified guitar pop rapture. For some reason the melodic vivacity song reminds me of Liverpool‘s 80s one-time phenomenon The La’s but rockier and heavier. Anyway it’s a top debut. Check it out here…

jours: Facebook

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