Boston Duo DYR FASER Tranfers You To Never-Never Land With New Track ‘NOT THE OTHER SIDE AGAIN’

Brand new sonic impulses

28 April 2019

Once again imaginative Boston duo DYR FASER consisting of Eric Boomhower and Amelia May shows their love for coloring outside of the lines. Far-out is their normal.
They are natural born atmosphere explorers. They operate in a sonic cocoon of their own.

Their brand new track ‘NOT THE OTHER SIDE AGAIN, from their upcoming EP, confirms what they’ve done so many times before but, as usual, in a different way. Here’s another mind trip, another soothing meditation, another tranquilizing fantasy. Spacey, playful guitars and hazy vocals float all over an ongoing repetitive bass beat and transfer you
to never-never land away from our stressful reality. Don’t hesitate, dream here…

DYR FASER: Facebook – Bandcamp

7-track EP PRIVATE ISLANDS out 1st June – all info on Bandcamp

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