Discover Fresh British Indie Pop Band JODY AND THE JERMS – Here’s Their Frisky Debut EP ‘TODAY’…

New sonic impulses

10 January 2020

JODY AND THE JERMS is a fresh trio out of Oxford who formed only last Summer and recently launched their 4-track debut EP called ‘TODAY’. You’ll hear immediately that this three-piece knows exactly how to write a catchy pop song and with the seductive and romantic voice of female lead singer Jody Jeger they have the ideal vocal sensuality.

The EP starts with the dreamy, yet electrical title track Today, then comes their dynamic and punchy version of ‘He Doesn’t Know Me Much At All’, a song by former New York shoegazers named Belltower. Track three ‘Back In The World‘ is an uplifting pop tune
and closer ‘Breathe‘ sounds like if Debbie Harry fronted an indie band. Overall this jaunty debut EP is an effervescent and melodious achievement. Splendid way to start!

Tune in right here and enjoy…

JODY AND THE JERMS: Facebook / You can stream the EP on Spotify too

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