Welsh Guitar Pop Squad SEAZOO Shares New Sticky Stroke From Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘THE PLEASURE’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

3 February 2020

After sharing two tracks last year, the vivid Throw It Up and the reflective Heading Out Welsh guitar pop squad SEAZOO dropped another cut from their second LP, titled JOY, planned to be out on 3rd April.

New one THE PLEASURE is “about taking time to enjoy small moments that make you happy, I think it’s really important right now as the world goes completely bonkers! For me it’s my love for writing and recording music, something that I never take for granted; but the tune can be about anything really” says frontman Ben Trow.

It’s a sickly sticky stroke that will put a big smile on your face. It’s jangly, jaunty and brisk. Its playful and sprightly tunefulness makes me think of Vampire Weekend‘s high-spirited moments. Expect scintillating guitars, melodious cheerfulness and inspiring lyrics. When you’ll have this on repeat the world will look brighter. Yes, it’s good to be an optimist.

Tune in and get happy right here…

SEAZOO: Facebook

(Photo credit: Gregory Dyson)

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