Contender For Album Of The Year – Post Punks SEX SWING Hypnotize With Doomsday LP ‘TYPE II’…

18 May 2020

SEX SWING is a London-based post-punk band with members of implicitly trusted yet sonically nefarious outfits Mugstar, Part Chimp, Earth, Dethscalator & Dead Neanderthals. They just unleashed their new ghastly longplayer ‘TYPE II‘. Without a shadow of a doubt
a contender for album of the year. Why?

Because TYPE II is the fitting Doomsday soundtrack for these science-fiction-like times
we live in. Musically as well as lyrically it’s a wall-crushing monster that infiltrates your messed-up, coronavirus fearing mind. A malignant record you can’t turn off once it blasts out of your speakers because its hypnotic and dark-psychedelic mysticism creeps under your fingernails without asking permission and stays there for 39 bloodcurdling minutes.

Don’t we all have an irresistible sense of inexplicable, macabre curiosity for the mysterious unknown, for the dark side of our own deepest thoughts? Just like many of us are terrified of horror movies but watch anyway, so will you listen to this manic powerhouse tsunami from start to finish.

Hell breaks loose from the get-go with slam-bang opener PASSOVER. From there on
it’s a nerve-wracking roller coaster until the pitch-black, satanic, trance-like album closer Garden Of Eden/2000 AD pulverizes what is left over of your last bit of resistance.

TYPE II is a mean amphetamine machine droning mercilessly and bulldozing its way
to your unsuspecting soul. Diabolic grooves, bone-chilling screaming, kamikaze riffage, turbulent bass commotion, cacophonous saxophone, and tons of layers of repetitive rip-roaring Krautrock dynamics with an inflammable impact thundering like a runaway train on a deadly mission. You have been warned.

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