Power To DREAM WIFE – Second Album ‘SO WHEN YOU GONNA…’ Hits The Bull’s Eye

12 July 2020

Band: Dream Wife
Who: Three awesomely cool Riot grrrls from London making your heart going boom and your adrenalin going bonkers with a firework melting pot of punk, rock and pop!
Released: 10 July 2020 – second longplayer

The Guardian says: “Dream Wife are a very modern rock band: they sing about queer
love, miscarriage and misogyny; they work with an all-female recording team; and they have
a podcast. And yet the London-based trio’s music recalls lost nights at midweek indie clubs
and Karen O’s fingerless gloves. The follow-up to their self-titled 2018 debut continues to blend 2000s guitar bands with yelping riot grrrl while sounding surprisingly new, stripping back their earlier post-punk atmospherics to bring Icelandic singer Rakel Mjöll’s storytelling to the fore… They career through a wide range of moods – coquettish, horny, craving approval, irony – with
a zeal you rarely hear in other bands. Occasionally those stories can come across as a little juvenile, but where they lack finesse (and, indeed, it’s great to hear a punk band that still
sounds like one, the edges unsmoothed), they make up for in ambition.”

Key phrase: “Power to Dream Wife! They rock your world with punch, panache and passion.”

Singles: So When You Gonna… / Hasta La Vista / Sports!




Stream/buy album here…

DREAM WIFE: Facebook

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