Wham Bloody Smack Bam – Bang Your Head To ‘MY EVERYTHING’ By Cross Over Engine ‘SAVING JACKIE’


17 August 2020

A couple of weeks ago we tested your ears’ resilience with San Antonio‘s metallic
cross over engine SAVING JACKIE, led by the charismatic Jenny 4C Ramirez (brill
name) and their smashing track My Faith Is Larger, the first cut of their newest EP.

And as Turn Up The Volume can’t get enough of the brain-breaking force of these motherrockers we unleash the EP’s second track MY EVERYTHING. Another nasty
in-your-face smack. Imagine Body Count fronted by Ramirez. She spits and sneers
with razor-sharp raps and knife-edged howls while her mettlesome band rages against
the machine with a number of illegal decibels and deafening riffs. Oh yeah, you’ll love
this metal pandemonium big time. Saving Jackie rules!

Bang your head here…

EP in full…


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