Love And Lust Heartbeats – Pirouette Yourself Dizzy To Brand New Single ‘BURN’ By Montreal Artist TEROUZ

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

22 August 2020

Montreal’s hypno-noir artist TEROUZ just dropped
a new bass-beat-rolling single called BURN.

“Originally politically charged, “Burn” was born from a place of anger and despair
in 2015 when I heard about the Charlie Hebdo incident. The lyric, some things are foul,
but no one deserves to burn, popped into my head. It’s a haunting call for intimacy, “Burn” exposes my own vulnerability. Empathy dangles from a string for a shot at love, passion
builds, and then culminates in cataclysmic proportion. Wildfire”
says Terouz.

Despite the fact that BURN is nestled in darkwave territory you will be overwhelmed
by inflammable love and lust. Burning love as Elvis once sang. This insanely guitar-synth banger is pushed all the way by a thumping heartbeat drone. Unstoppable, charged up, and highly propelling.

This stunner wouldn’t be out if place on a Sisters Of Mercy album, while Terouz’s voice balances between Interpol‘s maestro Paul Banks and Editors‘ frontman Tom Smith.
Get up, stand up, and pirouette yourself dizzy…

Press play

TEROUZ: Facebook

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