Perfect Match In Synth Heaven – British Electro Duo IYEARA Remixes Doom And Gloom Vox MARK LANEGAN

22 Augustus 2020

Artists: Mark Lanegan and Iyeara
Album: Another Knock At The Door (IYEARA Remixes)
Released: 21 August 2020

Info: Lanegan and dark wave duo Iyeara have combined their talents to release a remix of his entire 2019 album Somebody’s Knocking reimagined as Another Knock At The Door. Released on Mark‘s label Flooded Soil Recordings, the album is the first full record he has given to another artist to rework. Iyeara have also remixed for the likes of Laura Marling’s LUMP project, UNKLE, The Prodigy, The Boxer Rebellion, The Ting Tings and several more.

Score: Over the years lots of electronic remixes of rock and roll albums turned out to
be a failure, mostly because the true soul and spirit of the original record drowned into
a messy pool of beep and bleeps superabundance caused by over-enthusiastic techno artists. Here’s a rare exception. IYEARA don’t crush Lanegan‘s songs with an arty-farty production by hi-tech computers, they embrace them with sonic love and creative insight.

And most of all they treat the real hero – Lanegan‘s doom and gloom vox – with all the respect it deserves. What they do is surrounding the former Screaming Trees frontman’s gripping vocals, alternately, with fitting cinematic, atmospheric, transcendent, spellbinding and symphonic synth-scapes bringing Leftfield, Chemical Brothers and Orbital to mind. This surprising collaboration became a perfect match in heaven with a human, not a robotic feel. Who would ever thought you would dance in mysterious ways to Mark Lanegan in a darkwave discotheque? Mission accomplished.

Singles: Playing Nero / She Loved You



Album in full

MARK LANEGAN: Facebook / IYEARA: Facebook

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