When Hell Breaks Loose – High-Voltage NYC Noiseniks UNIFORM Released New Powerhouse LP ‘SHAME’

14 September 2020

Who: Industrial hardcore trio
from New York City

Album: SHAME – 4th LP
Released: 9/11 – 2020

Info: What if the antihero in your favorite film or book had no chance to repent,
reconcile, or redeem himself? There’s no victim to rescue. There’s no evil to thwart.
There’s no tyranny to turnover. Instead of saving the day against his better judgment,
he just walks a Sisyphean circle of existential malaise doomed to repeat yesterday’s vices without the promise of a better tomorrow. Rather than tell this story on the screen or on the page, Uniform tell it on their fourth full-length album, Shame. The trio – Michael Berdan (vocals), Ben Greenberg (guitar, production), and Mike Sharp (drums) – strain struggle through an industrialized mill of grating guitars, warped electronics, war-torn percussion, and demonically catchy vocalizations.

Micheal Berdan: “Thematically, the album is like a classic hard-boiled paperback novel without a case. At the time we were making the record, I was reading books by Raymond Chandler, James Ellroy, and Dashiell Hammett and strangely found myself identifying with
the internal dialogues of characters like Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe.”

Kerrang wrote: “Industrial music often takes on an inhuman and mechanical air, adding an element of sterile robotics to even the heaviest hitting of songs. Uniform are one of the few exceptions to this rule, the raw emotional edge they bring to the table, alongside fast and rough punk overtones, render their music imperfectly human. Shame is a weighty slab of industrial punk that is effectively the soundtrack to a tortured soul mentally coming apart. Reinventing a core element of themselves, Uniform present a side they have previously kept boiling angrily under a darkened surface.” Full review here. Score: 4/5.

TUTV’s keywords: Buzz and fuzz marathon / Slash and trash fury / Dispatches
from hell / Blistering brain-breakers / Rage and blaze exorcism / Gloom and doom escapism / Scary soul emptiness / Armageddon time / Volcanic eruptions / No tomorrow

Singles: Dispatches from the gutter / Life In Remission / Delco




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(pic by Turn Up The Volume! Belgium 2018)

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