Amplified Blues Fervidness – Here’s THE SHOOK With Tense Track ‘NEW DAWN’

22 November 2020


Who: Hailing from the tourist filled streets of
Northern Michigan this electrical quartet set out
to form a modern take on Blues Rock.

What: The shook is a shaker. The sharper the shaker
the rockier the roll.

Track: NEW DAWN – from their 4-track debut EP Retrograde.

Score: This is an intense and fervid blues-rock banger
executed with 21st Century Lynyrd Skynyrd gusto. A bang-up
groove fueled by turbulent guitars, pulsating bass, and drums
going nuts from time to time while meditative vocals create a
dusky moodiness. Strong emotions, strong stroke.

Feel the heat here…

Full Retrograde EP…

THE SHOOK: Facebook – ReverbNation

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