Don’t Mess With Chainsaw Girls ALICE & ALICE…

28 May 2021

Who: A resilient DJ, songwriter, record producer and
performance art practitioner girl from China, living
in Los Angeles. Longyu means “dragon and universe,”
her last name Gao means “magnificent.”

New single: LEGEND

Brand new cut featuring Goa‘s heroine Alice Glass.

“I saw Alice Glass added my song to her Spotify profile playlist. As a longtime
fan of hers, I couldn’t believe my little songs got my icon’s attention. I thought
a rad Alice x Alice song would be unstoppable. So I immediately reached out
and sent 3 ideas I made for a potential collaboration with her. I highlighted
LEGEND – ALG Mix’s demo specifically because I just knew this one was the one.

Alice Glass and Jupiter Keyes worked with me remotely and they made the final
LEGEND come together as an incredible and empowering song. I want this song
to equip underrated girls with confidence. We are the source of creativity, love and
justice. Never seek validation from people who are insecure in themselves. They are
never going to show love and they are going to do you wrong. Stay queen and avoid
the toxicity.”

Get ready for a booming banger, a sharp-cutting-and-knife-edged
rap rant. Warning: don’t mess with chainsaw duo Alice & Alice.

Fuck you if you insecure
Bitch I’m fucking Alice
I know, you talking shit you embarrassed
I know, you mad cause I’m the raddest
You could never catch me in Lululemon


Alice, who the fuck is Alice?

(image from FB Alice Longyu Gao)

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