Tsunami Of Industrial Noise Drones – Test Your Ears With ‘A NEW ONTOLOGY OF EVIL’ By PRIMTIVE KNOT

28 May 2021

Who: Enigmatic one-man-band
obsessed by dark spirituality


New ideas
Old fears resurface
The architecture of the mind
Asserts itself
Shaping the land
Constructing the earth
In our own image

Turn Up The Volume: Imagine Nine Inch Nails in a drone contest versus
Ministry with Front202 as the jury. Get the mind-blowing picture? Prepare
your noise-addicted ears for a tsunami of deafening intimidations, repetitive
Kraut-sludge-rock aggression and slash and crash sledgehammers. Would be
a perfect soundtrack for horror classic The Return of the Living Dead. If you
don’t want to end up in jail you better alert your neighbours before you press
play. Capice, all you EVIL motherrockers out there waiting for Doomsday?

Rapid eye movement video for highlight for Goddess, Destroyer

Stream full album here…

Buy A New Ontology Of Evil on Bandcamp

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