Only Way To Survive Is Unification Not Division – Here’s New Single ‘RIGHTS’ By ANIKA

3 July 2021

Artist: ANIKA

Who: Intriguing Berlin-based artist Annika Henderson who released
her wayward, self-titled solo debut LP in 2010. She also made two
notable LPs with Exploded View. You can stream Obey (2018) and
Exploded View (2016) here.

New album: CHANGE
Out via Nevada Records on 23 July.

New single: RIGHTS – the third one after
the title track and Finger Ties

Anika about ‘Rights’: “We all have Rights. Feeling marginalised is shit. This song is about empowerment, to those normally on the fringe, who feel like they have no voice. This song is about turning the tables, giving power to those who normally feel disempowered. This song is about feeling trapped and wanting to get out. This song is about unification not division. This song is about female (/queer/non-b/marginalised communities) empowerment – the joining of forces, not pitted against each other. This song is about wanting to escape reality but then we can never truly escape it, it will always be there to collect its dues.”

I know I’m repeating myself when it comes to express my love for Anika, but she’s that kind of singular artist that sends chills down my spine. Her near-spoken and seductive voice, her spellbinding stories, her sonic Krautpop mesmerism, her caring human touch, and her charismatic appearance are all triggering my Anika-repeat-modus over and over again. We all have rights, we all have favorites. Anika is one of mine.

“Feel the power/ Show me power”…

The video clip is directed by Sabrina Labis and Annika Henderson

All 3 singles together
on Spotify…

ANIKA: Facebook

New album CHANGE out 23rd July – Order info here

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