KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD Back From Never Ever Been Away With An 18-Minute Mindfucker

New striking strokes

9 March 2022

Who: 24/7 psych rockers from down under
Albums: 22 in 10 years time (hello, Radiohead?)

Pre-order: from 22 March on via their Website

The announcement of the new longplayer came with this message

“PSA 4 the weirdo swarm! Gizz’s 20th: Omnium Gatherum. Track 1, The Dripping Tap
is out now. Pre-orders March 22. You’re gonna love Omnium Gatherum – it’s fun. Thanks
for stickin’ round for 20 albums, folks. Here’s to 20 more. I love you all. Love Stu Xoxox.”

Stu Mackenzie (their multi-instrumentalist): “This recording session felt significant. Significant because it was the first time all six Gizzards had gotten together after an extraordinarily long time in lockdown,” the band’s Stu Mackenzie said in a statement, “Significant because it produced the longest studio recording we’ve ever released. Significant because (I think) it’s going to change the way we write and record music, at least for a while.
A turning point. A touchstone. I think we’re entering into our ‘jammy period’. It feels good.”


These guys are totally nuts. 18 minutes of supersonic guitar schizophrenia. Like a jet on cruising speed. Holy cow! After the first (and so far the only one) listen I had the same problem as Pixies’ frontman Black Francis years ago: Where is my mind? Vocals? Oh yeah, here and there, if I remember well. I can’t imagine that they did more than 1 take of this mindfucker.

Prepare yourself for an electric chair experience…

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