Amazing Artwork! THE FALL 40 Years Ago With Cover Of ‘HEX ENDUCTION HOUR’

Eye-catching album cover(s) art

9 March 2022

Band: THE FALL (Manchester)

R.I.P. Mark E. Smith (5 March 1957 – 24 January 2018)

Artwork: Cover of the group’s 4th LP (out of a total
of 31 studio albums), released 40 years ago, yesterday,
on 8 March 1982.

There’s a chaos of pen scribbles by the late great Smith on the front sleeve.
Just random (well, it looks like that) rhetorical phrases and sentence snippets
like “Lie-Dream 80% of 10% OR 6% over no less than 1/4 = ??????”,, “Hail Sainsbury’s!”,

Afterward in an interview, Smith said that he wanted an LP’s artwork
to be the reflection of the content. He explained how he was drawn to
cheap and misspelled posters, amateur layouts of local papers and
printed cash and carry signs

And I just thought that Smith was bored and
started to write some BS just to pass time, while
waiting for the pubs to open.

Back sleeve

Stream here, 1 rattling hour of The Fall

THE FALL: All Albums

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