Mean Belgian Riff Machine SONS Turned Try-Out Into A Knock-Out

10 April 2022

Band: SONS
Who: Rawk and roll turbine from Belgium
Where: 4AD club, Diksmuide, Belgium
When: 7 April 2022

SONS is one of the hottest bands in my country. Back in 2018, the 4-piece scored
big time in a radio contest, and from there on they went on a high-speed rollercoaster
with their powerhouse debut LP Family Diner as their first loud-and-clear milestone.

Their follow-up is just around the corner. SWEET BOY is out on 22 April. Order info here.

Ahead of it came lead single
NOTHING a few weeks ago.
A kamikaze ripper…

Last week I saw the group storming through one of their try-out gigs to warm up for the imminent album release show in Brussels and for their big upcoming summer festival spots.

If you never heard of this mean Belgian riff machine, let your brain work a bit and imagine Aussie psych-freaks King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard being a garage punk band on a mind-blowing noise mission. Get the very head-splitting, the very obstreperous, and the very gusty picture?

When it happens in front of your eyes and your ears your beasty instincts take over, your head starts rotating uncontrollably and you go bonkers all the way. That’s SONS for you, people. Four hungry triggermen that turn a try-out into a knock-out.

Here’s an idea of their dazzling live force…



SONS: Facebook

(All live pics by Turn Up The Volume)

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