Seattle’s Tantalizing Synth Pop Trio GHOST FETISH Nail It Right Away With Debut Single ‘LIPSTICK’

14 March 2023

Who: A synth-fueled post-punk
trio from Seattle, WA.

Debut single: LIPSTICK

“Lipstick follows the obscure path of desire. Stretched between the lingering
impression of a touch lost to time, and the unshakable sense of its inevitable

TUTV: What a way to debut! Expect a sickly sticky dancefloor gem
with a synth-tantalizing vibe reminiscent of the starry-eyed sparks of
British electro-pop heroes New Order. And is that Hooky on bass?

Lipstick is both a sensuous and affectional tune with gripping vocals up front
and melancholic ones in the back. At times it feels like the track will erupt into
an avid disco stomper. Maybe this debut is a foreplay teaser and the follow-up
will be an orgastic energizer. Anyway Ghost Fetish have my aural and hip-shaking
attention and will have yours too.

Tune in.

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