Masked Hellraisers SLEEP TOKEN Ready To Conquer The World With New LP ‘TAKE ME BACK TO EDEN’

19 May 2023

SLEEP TOKEN is a mysterious industrial post-metal phenomenon from London.
The band members wear masks and claim to be united in their worship of an
ancient deity identified by them as ‘Sleep‘, who appeared to the band’s ominous
lead singer, Vessel.

Last year they shared Herculian noizzz experiences with their 2nd album This Place Will
Become Your Tomb
. And their new one, out today, baptized TAKE ME BACK TO EDEN
will make them global metal stars.

Album artwork

NME says: “The mysterious group have become one of the scene’s most talked-about
bands. Their latest album more than justifies the intrigue… Doubters dismissed their
shadowy anonymity and eclectic sound as a gimmick, but this band’s star isn’t burning out. Their unpredictability, more than ever, is part of their very essence, and there’s a lot here that seasoned Sleep Token fans will recognise as unchartered territory. There’s more risks on ‘Take Me Back To Eden’ than Sleep Token have ever taken before, but there’s never an opportunity to doubt whether anything they attempt will succeed. It’s an ambitious, emotional monolith of a record, with all the hallmarks of future classic status.”
Score: 5/5.

TUTV: What Sleep Token do is not new, they didn’t reinvent the metal wheel. But their imaginative mix of all things monumental metallica is wholly worth exploring even if
you’re not a fanatic fan of the genre, like me. Their towering classical melodies, their massive quiet/Loud/quiet orchestrations, their jawdropping mood-swing eruptions
and their bombastic and theatrical trickery combine for an overwhelming opus.

Singles/clips: The Summoning / Chokehold



Full Album:

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