Red-Hot Rock And Roll Sauna With INHEAVEN in Brussels…

INHEAVEN – Botanique, Brussels – 24 October 2017

They’re young. They’re wild. They’re sexy. They rock like hell. They roll all over you. They have it all. They’re INHEAVEN. A blazing 4-piece turbo out of South-London. Their self-titled debut album is a tempestuous fireball, a blustery power plant, dealing with mixed emotions of being young today. Unquestionably, one of this year’s best long-players. All killers, no fillers. Yesterday the hefty gang invaded Brussels. Two songs in and everybody, just everybody, young and old(er) went bananas in the basement club of our capital’s historic building ‘Botanique’. Fueled by frontman James Taylor the whole place went
mental and the temperature rose drastically in less than no time. A string of massive rippers (like Baby’s Alright / Vultures / Regeneration ) alternated with some scream along mid-tempo power pop crackers (like Real Love / All There Is / Drift) turned the venue into
a steamy sauna. The unforgettable highlight of this glowing gig occurred when the band agreed to meet the fans’ begging chants and played stellar rocker ‘Treats’, with charismatic bassist Chloe Little on vocals, once again. WOW! What a tumultuous closer of this storming concert it was, as by that time I was up there on the small stage to take some pics (I know, I’m crazy) of the euphoric audience. But many followed my steps and a stage invasion was inevitable. Party time! ROCK AND ROLL! Awesome night! Unforgettable gig! Thank you, INHEAVEN…

Here’s an idea of the band’s dynamite energy on stage…

I just can’t get enough…

Their smashing debut album in full…

More concert pictures

Treat Chloe right…


There goes James…

Hell yeah…



INHEAVEN: Website – Facebook – Online Store

(all concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

One Of The Last True Originals MARK STEWART Released His Third, Self-Titled LP 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…


Album: Self-titled, third LP

Released: 26 October 1987 – 30 years ago

The Maffia: Mark Stewart – vocals, production / Keith LeBlanc – drums / Skip McDonald – guitar / Adrian Sherwood – keyboards, production / Doug Wimbish – bass guitar

All Music wrote: “Mark Stewart challenges listeners’ expectations through open-ended experimentation, rejecting simple song-oriented formats. With producer Adrian Sherwood and Maffia members Keith LeBlanc, Skip McDonald, and Doug Wimbish, he continues to play havoc with conventional notions of structure on several tracks, assembling dark, fragmented collages cut up with scratches, heavy metal guitar flourishes, voices culled from the media, and blasts of electronic noise. A prime example is the nine-minute assault of “Anger Is Holy,” which finds Stewart pasting together big go-go beats, a recurring sample from Billy Idol’s “Flesh for Fantasy,” and his signature distorted vocals, as well as interrupting the proceedings with a random moment of complete silence. But there is a less difficult, more melodic side to this album. Considered by some to be the blueprint for trip-hop, “Stranger” grafts together a version of Satie’s “Gymnopedie No. 1,” West Side Story’s “Somewhere,” and Stewart’s pained/painful crooning. More than this track, however, the most genuinely beautiful and affecting cut on the album is the bass-heavy reworking of Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian’s “Forbidden Colours” (titled “Forbidden Colour”), which Stewart then deconstructs on the dub version that follows. “Fatal Attraction” moves in a more dance-oriented direction; with its snaking, Moroder-esque disco beat, this track points toward the heavyweight ‘funk grooves Stewart would explore on 1990s Metatron.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: Mark Stewart is one of the last true originals. An artist who never ever compromised. An authentic performer and a restless creator, then and now. From the gloriously wayward funk punk eccentricity of the legendary The Pop Group to his solo achievements. He always explored new soundscapes and questioned, unceasingly, society’s madness and most of all its narcissistic, unworldly leaders. And he still does. Listening to his work is like going on a discovery trip. This album is a damn compelling example of the man’s insatiable hunger for sonic experiment and his constant investigation of humankind’s raison d’être. Ingenious triumph. Experience here…

MARK STEWART: Facebook – Twitter
THE POP GROUP: Website – Facebook

(photo: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

THE BREEDERS – Amplified Lullabies And Jingle Jangle Firework In Belgium…

THE BREEDERS – Trix, Antwerp – 23 October 2017

Aloha THE BREEDERS. The most famous twins in rock history, the Deal sisters annex bashing drummer Jim Macpherson and immovable bassist Josephine Wiggs are back.
With a new album in the pipeline they came to Europe for a string of gigs to get back in
live shape‘. The first image that hit me was that Kim and Kelley, although a bit older (like everyone) looked fresh, spirited and yes, better than, say, 20 years ago. Second thought: the first ever time I saw Kim performing was in 1990 with the PIXIES. I remember well she
was smiling from start to finish and on all other occasions I witnessed her later on AND also yesterday night she had her charming ‘little girl‘ smile on her face throughout the whole show. On the other hand you could see clearly that they were all nervous and hesitant. But the crowd’s euphoric response from the first chord on gave them enough confidence to play a solid show. The setlist was a mix of classic Breeders crackers (like
No Ahola / Saints / Cannonball
), amplified lullabies (Glorious / Off You / Night Of Joy and the delightful Do You Love Me Now), some Amps tracks, one gigantic Pixies belter and two new songs, one being their new storming single ‘Wait In The Car’

Overall the Ohio Express, assisted now and then on guitar by their tall Kentucky roadie, delivered the goods as expected. An emotional and electrical performance, although the balance of the set wasn’t actually perfect. Every rocker was followed by a couple of soft ones which slowed the rhythm of the concert down and also the audience’s stream of adrenalin. Something the girls will surely work on for the future I guess, after all that’s
why try-outs are for. Anyway, it was an absolute thrill to see/hear them back again, for
me and for the at times ecstatic spectators. And YES, Kim ‘s eyes twinkled as never before, while smiling of course. Legends forever…

I know it’s stronger than myself, but I have to hear it again and again…

THE BREEDERS: Facebook – Twitter –  Discography

(concert pics: JL/Turn Up The Volume)

Blues Rock Gang BOSS HOG Ready To Inflame Europe – Here’s ‘SHH SHH SHH’ To Get Us All In A Voodoo Mood…

John Spencer and his New York blues-punks BOSS HOG fronted by his charismatic wife Cristina Martinez released, last March, their very first new album in nearly two decades. BROOD X is a mighty, robust beast of a record filled with a series of dynamite killers. Dark, ominous and firing. The torrid kick-ass clan will invade Europe at the end of this month for several concerts. Check the cities and dates here. Until then we’ll have this smoking taster to prepare us for the storm. Here’s one of the nastiest cuts on the new longplayer, the spine-tingling SHH SHH SHH with Martinez explaining “The lyrics began as an exercise in
free association. I imagined a place of chaos, panic, and loss of control and that’s what emerged.”
Yes, Halloween is just around the corner…

BOSS HOG: Facebook – Instagram – Discography

BROOD X here on Bandcamp in full…


See you in Ghent (Belgium) – 3 November…

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 43…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven fiery strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven rad tracks to feed body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Sleep Alone’ by SUN PARADE (Northampton, Massachusetts, US)
Magnificent guitar pop stroke. Sparkling, vibrant, marvelous harmonies and a spicy finale. Elevating gem from excellent new album ‘Shuggy Mtn Breakdown‘ – here on Bandcamp.

SUN PARADE: Facebook – Instagram –  Twitter

2/ ‘Invisibility Cloak’ by WEIRD OWL (Brooklyn, New York, US)
Self-proclaimed psychonauts with an electric 60s feel and trippy electronics that will
fuel all of your senses. This steamy escapade is on their brand new longplayer, titled ‘Bubblegum Brainwave‘ – experience the delightful ecstasy in full here on Bandcamp

WEIRD OWL: Website – Twitter

3/ ‘Head In The Clouds’ by RAISED ON TV (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Amplified pop vibration from sunny L.A. Dreamy pop electricity energized with glimmering guitars and a steamy flow. From their new, swirling album ‘Season 1‘ – here on Bandcamp

RAISED ON TV: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

4/ ‘Getting Closer’ by MAGIC CARPETS (Barcelona, Spain)
“Every day can be a magic carpet ride” says this Spanish collective. They’re damn right. Here’s a contagious and speedy pop rocket that will make your adrenalin stream faster .

MAGIC CARPETS: Facebook – Bandcamp

5/ ‘Cats Play’ by MY-HI (Brighton, UK)
This wall breaking eruption out of the buzzing rock scene of Brighton will make your ears go berserk. A relentless drone machine intensified with vociferous vocals! Dynamite stuff!

MY-HI: Facebook – Instagram

6/ ‘Touch Me’ by THE GALA (Boston, MA, United States)
Imagine party animals The B-52’s fronted by eccentric new wave legend Lene Lovich having a bloody great time. Uplifting cut from the band’s 3-track ‘Pucker’ EP – here on Bandcamp

THE GALA: Facebook – iTunes – Twitter

7/ ‘NDE’ by SHORE (Swindon, UK)
Irresistible jingle jangle guitar pop melancholia driven by an ardent intensity. Top score! From the band’s new, spirited 5-track EP ‘From The Start’ – check out here on Bandcamp .

SHORE: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

SINEAD O’CONNOR – Released Memorable Debut LP ‘THE LION AND THE COBRA’ 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

23 October 2017



Released: 25 October 1987 – 30 years ago

Rolling Stone wrote: “Sinéad O’Connor’s first album comes on like a banshee wail across the bogs. Blending the uncompromising force of folk music, the sonic adventurousness of the Eighties and lyrics that draw on classical history, ghost tales and the Bible. With The Lion and the Cobra, Sinéad O’Connor joins the ranks of Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson, and Jane Siberry — all women who are shattering the boundaries of pop music.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: Sinead O’Connor was quite unique in sound, vision and looks when she entered the music world with this stunning debut longplayer. The start of a career with up and downs due to a turbulent life and psychical problems, nonetheless a remarkable artist blessed with a towering voice & flamboyant guts to be honest and outspoken. RESPECT!
Three Top Tracks: Mandika / Jerusalem / Troy


* MANDIKA (at 1989 Grammys)


SINEAD O’CONNOR: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Troubled and tormented life / genuine and passionate artist / beautiful eyes…

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s Post Punk Force ‘HELTA SKELTA’ From Down Under…

Weekly firework to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

Band: HELTA SKELTA (Perth, Australia)
Who: “After a few full-length records, a few EPs, and a US tour in 2016, ‘Helta Skelta’ are now back with a new 7″. Here, Helta Skelta change things up yet again, never one to let things dull. This 7” sees the band head into a sparser territory, favouring the British and US over the Australian sounds. A much more art rock and post-punk outing this time round whilst still holding on to those aspects of 70s garage punk from previous efforts.”
Track: NIGHTCLUBBIN’ – Lead track of a brand new 3-song 7″…
Score: the track’s repetitive and hypnotizing bass/drums drive, electrified with cracking guitar licks and snippets of an organ in the back, will infiltrate your bloodstream instantly. On top of it comes a kind of punky spoken word rap that reminds me of British actor Phil Daniels ‘s verbal part in Blur‘s 1994 hit ‘Parklife’ and it works here perfectly too. This is a snappy stroke you’ll play on repeat after one spin. Here’s the sticky cut…

HELTA SKELTA: Record Label – Facebook

3-Track Nightclubbin’ 7″ – Out Today – Info & order facilities here on here.

Psych-o-delic Guitar Hysteria And A One Man Hammer Army – Meet… IT IT ANITA

Here’s my last month’s interview with noiseniks IT IT ANITA – it was first published on American website 50THIRDAND3RD (my fellow music junkies over the ocean)

I never thought I would ever say that several of the most fascinating noise bands on this troubled planet, right now, are from Belgium, my homeland. Just to name a few: La Jungle, Cocaine Piss, Mind Rays and Crowd Of Chairs. And the great thing is that they all differ in sound and vision. No copycats, they all have their own approach of clamorous havoc! Another gang that really stands out is IT IT ANITA. A three-headed riff monster backed
by a barbarous drummer. They’re one of the hottest live bands around. A scorching steamroller that messes up your mind and activates all your limbs. A psychedelic guitar bolide reinforced with a big bang hitman who always ends up somewhere in the middle of the crowd WITH his gear for a hammering finale. A mean machine producing a hypnotic wall-of-psych-o-delic racket. Intense noise rock at its very best. Let’s meet this 4-piece powerhouse and start the acquaintance with this short, but utterly cool Festival clip…

I guess we’re all in the ideal mood now for a chat…

What’s the story behind the band’s name?
IIAA: “It’s a long story. But this is basically a hallucination that Damien (note JL: one of the guitarists/screamers) had while watching a drums performance: he saw ‘it it anita‘ written
on a bass drum… of course ‘it it anita‘ was not written on it, but he liked the name!”

How would you describe your mind-blowing psych sound yourselves?
IIAA: “We like it loud and noisy. We don’t care about technique, we always focus on intensity.”

Intensity and insanity…

Share an unforgettable anecdote with us about the first rehearsals…
IIAA: “Someone knocked on our rehearsal room’s door. He said “I’ve heard you guys
have a new band, I’m looking for a support act, do you want to open for me next week in Liege (Belgium)?”
We said “yes, of course, that’s great man, thanks!” But… at that time we were only a 2-piece band, still looking for a drummer and a bass player! So we’ve asked two friends to join us for that show and that was our first line-up! We rehearsed a lot during
one week and that first show was not so bad.”

How easy/difficult is it to work with four noisemakers in one band? Is there any competition to be the loudest?
IIAA: “Not really. There’s no competition, the loudest is Bryan, our drummer!”


Any rituals before going on stage?
IIAA: “High five!”

Half of the band always ends up in the middle of the crowd when performing. Who influenced you with the idea to meet the fans eye-to-eye at concerts?
IIAA: “We were really impressed by the performance of Monotonix (note JL: a mad Israelian garage trio) during a gig at La Zone years ago. They moved their stuff all the time… great!”

Imagine a gig with ‘Monotonix’ and ‘It It Anita’ together on/off the same stage. Hallelujah!..

Newest album ‘Agaaiin’ is a high-voltage cracker with opener ’25 (FROM FLOOR TO CEILING)’ setting the crushing tone. How do you manage to produce that much intensity and decibels in a studio… without an audience?
IIAA: “Regarding sound, we trusted our producer John Agnello (note JL: an experienced professional who worked with a whole bunch of big names such as Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr. and Andrew WK). He knows his stuff and quickly understood what we needed.”

Did the band chop all those trees we see on the album’s front cover?
IIAA: “The thing is this is our 3rd record and, as you can see on the picture, there are
3 wheels under the trailer… so the circle is complete!”


You already have a loyal following of fans in Europe, but earlier this month
you played your first gig over the ocean, in Canada. Were you nervous?

IIAA: “Not nervous but very excited! FME in Rouyn-Noranda is such a cool festival.
And we found a booker!”

What was on the van’s stereo while driving through Neil Young’s country?
IIAA: “Metal, hip-hop and country music…”

Who’s your number one artist/band to go on a world tour with?
IIAA:A Place To Bury Strangers. To learn how to play even louder.”

‘A Place To Bury Strangers’ – loud, louder, loudest…

What movie would you choose to visualize your music on a big screen when playing?
IIAA: ‘Duel’, Steven Spielberg‘s debut movie”

DUEL – a truly nerve-raising thriller…

Shellac or Pigface?
IIAA: “Shellac.”

Nirvana or Pearl Jam?
IIAA: “Nirvana”

If you could travel in time what artist would you choose to jam with?
IIAA:Serge Gainsbourg. Because he’s a genius.”


Vinyl, cassette or compact disc?
IIAA: “All of these three formats are interesting…”

Social media: a blessing or a pain in the ass?
IIAA: ‘Pain in the ass.”

Best album you heard so far this year?
IIAA: A Deeper Understanding by The War On Drugs.”

Any new material in the pipeline?
IIAA: “Yep. A new single is coming very soon and the next record will be released in 2018…”

Is playing in a band actually the best job one can imagine?
IIAA: “That’s the most exciting job we know, and maybe the only one we’re able to do…”

Thank you for the interview, guys. See you soon agaaiin. May the road rise with It It Anita

Here’s the awesome AGAAIIN in full…

IT IT ANITA: Facebook – Twitter

(all concert pics ‘IIAA’ by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

Mmmmm… looks like It It Anita’s tour van…