BOA vs COBRA Scores Again With New Third Single ‘NEVER EVER EVER’…

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…

6 May 2020

Talking about entering the music scene through the main gate with fervent fireworks.
After the first two singles, the affecting debut Brighter Days and mighty booming disco blow Deviate Belgo-Canadian BOA vs COBRA scores again with their brand new, third splendiferous slam.

‘NEVER EVER EVER’ is “dedicated to any person getting relieved from a toxic love affair. The revenge from this traumatic experience is that: After me, You (the toxic one) will (anyway) “never ever ever” want a woman again. Kind of cruel isn’t it?”. Oh yes indeed, this steaming stomper will scare all noxious lovers who fucked up a relationship real badly.

Frontwoman Sandy Fee rants unambiguously from the clear-cut start when ‘Bad bad bad boy‘ bursts out of your speakers. She switches to a fulminating rap eruption to express her deep-seated anger when the irresistible, smashing chorus kicks in followed by a pounding beat that detonates in your face. ‘Never Ever Ever’ is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most explosive singles of the year. You have been warned. Don’t mess with Fee, don’t even try or she’ll crush you like you never ever ever been crushed before. She’s a mean groove machine who does not hesitate to start a fight with bad boys. Hell yeah!

I strongly advise you not to cheat when you’re playing pool vs Boa…

BOA vs COBRA: Facebook

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