When Death Sounds Romantic – ATTAWALPA With His New Single ‘KILLER’


2 December 2020

ATTAWALPA is a London based South-American multi-instrumentalist.
His meticulous production, melodies and honest lyrics evoke the future
as much as the past.

Back in April he made a firm impression with his 4-track debut EP Spells .
“Four gracious pearls, coloured with multi-layered orchestrations, shows an
imaginative and impassioned artist with a transcendent vox and the masterly
gift to write absorbing songs with a highly sticking melodiousness,”
Turn Up The Volume

His new single KILLER continues his way of singing about delicate themes, such
as mortality and death right here, in a near-whispering tone sounding harmless and romantic like that shady crooner Nick Cave does since the day he left the destructive Birthday Party and went solo. From there on he combined alluring melodiousness with somber stories. Remember Murder Ballads? This is exactly what happens on Killer. Attractive sonority, dark thoughts. Black and white. Darkness and light. Intriguing!

Death sounds romantic

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