Turn Up The Volume’s 15 KNOCKOUT TRACKS – March 2021

The best of the past month…

Turn Up The Volume‘s 15 Knockout Tracks for March 2021!
A fervid fusion of rhapsodic rippers and clashing crackerjacks.

‘High Horse’ by DEAP VALLY (LA, California)
When the utterly cool Deap Vally queen cats invite their friends you may expect firework like this blues-rock steamer featuring KT Tunstall & Peaches. Stream/buy the full stellar Digital Dream EP here.

‘Stay’ by ONISM E (New York)
A soul-stirring and electrifying top track – from one of, yes, the best albums of 2021 –
by this rad emo-striking NY-based outfit. Stream/buy ‘Survivors’ LP here.

‘White Elephant’ by NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS (Australia)
What can I say? Cave & Ellis made a brilliant longplayer called Carnage and
White Elephant is its most impressive piece (to my ears). Mind-boggling.

‘Not To’ by WOLF VAN WYMEERSCH (Belgium)
Melancholia at its starry-eyed synth-pop best. Here’s a romantic at heart, going solo, who’s sanely obsessed with creating music, playing music, and enjoying music, if possible all at the same time. Damon Albarn‘s moody side comes to mind.

‘Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique’
by OK COOL (Chicago, US)
A sonic shot of riot grrrl guitar-pop that has an instant impact on your body activity. You just want to go out and scoot in the street, feel ecstatic, and hear your heart beat madly. These are 130 thrilling seconds you want to relive over and over again.

‘I Want Noise’ by LOBSTERBOMB (Berlin)
What you get here is Bikini Kill‘s raw outcries, L7‘s detonating gusto, B-52‘s rock lobster’s liveliness and catchy aaah-aaahh-aaaah chants. A boosting injection of Riot Grrrl adrenalin. A punk-fun knockout.

‘Hail Satan’ by PINK ROOM (Belgium)
A merciless haymaker, a scrappy Molotov cocktail banging from start to finish
like a brutal sledgehammer. The mean Pink machine honors their best friend.
From their brand new, ace album Putain Royale.

‘One + One’ by DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 (Canada)
With Is 4 Lovers the Canadian champions of drone noise rock made one of their best
full-lengths (so far). And the lead-single ‘1 + 1’ feels like a bulldozer coming at you.

‘Crank Bugs’ by RADIO SILENCE (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
Blustery guitars all over the place, manic drum hits, and combative Richard Hell vocals. 2021 is the new Orwellian 1984. From their red-hot-blooded debut EP ISOLATION.

‘Cimmerian’ by SLAP RASH (Manchester, UK)
After an ominous word-spoken intro this industrial hammer blow explodes like
a raging volcano and singer Amelia starts her enigmatic and nightmarish rant
about obscene abuse. Insane masterstroke with a hell-raising shock-chorus.

‘Living In Dystopia’ by CRUX (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK)
Crux translate their justified discontent, about our messed-up world, in this razor-sharp-cutting-power-stroke with pounding punch. A bludgeoning Royal Blood groove is the firm backbone throughout this stormy stunner. Wham bloody wham bam.

‘Hunted From Below’ by EMPTY HEAD (Belgium)
Sonic madness, mind-crushing paranoia, and muscled tumult all rolled into one bad motherrocker of an electro-shock wallop. You can smell the scent of scorching punk frenzy. Nasty, filthy and vicious! Totally insane!

‘Electric Yerevan’ by SERJ TANKIAN (LA, California)
System Of A Down loudmouth Taikan rocks like hell, sings like hell and raps like hell. What
a titanic voice! Fuck SOAD, welcome Serj. From his fresh smelling solo EP Elasticity.

‘Hourglass’ by GLASS VIOLET (Bristol, UK)
Multiple waves of blistering guitars infiltrate your greedy ears, while a persistent drumbeat activates your feet and makes your head spin. When the flamboyant chorus pops up with a fervent flair à la The Killers you know and you feel that Hourglass is amplified top pop bliss with a dark lyrical twist.

‘Unspoken’ by ANNIE TAYLOR (Switzerland)
A troubled love reverie with a sorrowful touch. Heartbreaking romanticism at its balladesque best, notable for its vocal splendour and silver-toned resonance.
A sweet little pearl.

All 15 together on Spotify


See/hear you next month, music junkies…

Live Music Hope In The UK

In the UK, hope for live music (outdoors) from August on is huge.

Several festival organisers already confirmed the good news. And
not small festivals only, also huge ones like Reading/Leeds and the
legendary Isle Of Wight festival. Also, great one-day events (such as
a big The Specials show) are announced.




The Universal Language Of Music – Poetic Synth Noise With New Album By Greek Act MECH_NIMAL

30 March 2021

Who: A modular band from Athens – Greece, an industrial project, a
unique collective of musicians and video artists, recording in various
permutations and staying true to the original roots of post-punk

Album: Θόρυβος (Noise)
Released: 12 March 2021

Info: “The eight tracks – with the words of Angelica Vrettou, for a long time in the
Mechanimal universe as creator of their album covers and curator of the videos
of their live performances, performed by the electric voice of Thekla Tselepi, sound
like timeless, irrelevant, precious fragments of their hitherto sound-worldview.

Turn Up The Volume: After last year’s drone ‘n’ roll LP Crux this Greek act
surprises again with a new thrilling adventure featuring two artists-ladies,
Angelica Vrettou (words) and Thekla Tselepi (voice).

What you get is spoken word poetry over cinematic synth layers, from ambient
to industrial. The lyrics are in Greek, I hear you say. So what? Music is a universal
language. The enigmatic, mysterious, ghostly and hypnotic sound of the words
trigger your imagination in a most peculiar way. Yes, the way you love it when
the clock strikes midnight. Put on your headphones, close your eyes and enter
the noise universe of Mech_nimal, an exciting sonic place to be. Synth-tastic!


– Κοιτάζω τις Σκιές στους Τοίχους

Stream/buy full album…

MECH_NIMAL: Facebook


The Verve Swagger And Oasis Coolness – ‘DEEPER THAN HOLY’ By Britrockers PASTEL Feels Supersonic

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

30 March 2021

Who: 5 British ‘mad for it‘ rockers
alive and kicking since 2017

Pick: DEEPER THAN HOLY – single from their
upcoming summer debut EP via Manchester
label Spirit Of Spike Island.

Score: Imagine the bittersweet symphony swagger of Richard Ashcroft and
The Verve and the natural born coolness of Liam tonight I’m a rock ‘n’ roll star
Gallagher. Supersonic, right? And when your label celebrates the spirit of the
legendary Spike Island show of The Stone Roses back in 1990 – resulting in tons
of bored lads starting a band (hello Oasis) – you know that rock ‘n’ roll hedonism
is back in town. And not a day too late. In these freedom-and-pleasure limited
lockdown times bands like these – go away, Radiohead – sound and feel like the
second coming. Hope to see you soon somewhere on an island, guys.

Be adored right here …

PASTEL: Facebook

Young NICK CAVE On Fire

The Young Nick Cave

A new autobiographical 432-page book about Nick Cave as
a young man (‘the Dark Lord’ as one of his friends called him).
From growing up in Wangaratta to joining the music scene in
Melbourne, Australia.

Author: Mark Mordue.
Australian writer, journalist, and editor.

Louder Than War (Melanie Smith) writes: ‘Although it is primarily about the younger
Nick, we still get a flavour of how the Nick of today thinks and feels about the world around him. Nick has had no easy ride in life as he’s been hard on himself, pushing himself to achieve greater things. I’d say he was a perfectionist, constantly driven to create, whether it be music, art, screenplays, or books. It’s taken a considerable time for him to emerge and be accepted as one of the greatest songwriters and live performers of our generation; experiencing him live is like a religious experience. Colin Cave (his father) would be proud of the good son he turned out to be.”
Full review here.

Available via Amazon

On The Cover Of FOXY MUSIC Albums

Every pop/rock junkie knows the glamtatsic exploits of ROXY MUSIC
but she/he also knows the sexy album artwork of several of their LPs.

Let’s have another look at foxy ladies on most of the roxy albums.

– ROXY MUSIC – 1972


– STRANDED – 1973


– SIREN – 1975

– MANIFESTO – 1979


Multisounds & Multivocals – Discover Brand New Album ‘EGO DEATH’ By BEAMS

29 March 2021

Who: A psychedelic folk-rock band formed in 2011 in Toronto.
Their beguiling sound pairs the stunning harmonization of female
voices with the shimmering textures of banjo and vibraphone.

Influences: Wilco, Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, Big Thief,
Waxahatchee, and Kevin Morby

(photo by Brendan George Ko)

Info: ‘Ego Death’ works as a narrative cycle chronicling songwriter,
Anna Mernieks-Duffield’s challenges with mental health & her journey
towards self-acceptance. With fuzzy, swirling guitars, gorgeous vocal
harmonies, intense melodies, and some perfectly placed vibraphone

Released: 26 March 2021
The band says: Three years ago we decided that we weren’t done.
We agreed to link arms, embrace new sounds and ideas, and this
is what we created!

Turn Up The Volume: If you switch from jangly pop to metal Nightwish
fragments (Born To Win), from Sharon Van Etten elegance to Lenny Kravitz
guitars and back (Find Me), from musing lullabies (Til The Morning Comes /
To See The Light / Thee Star System
) to amplified folk with banjo riffs (Sweet Tea)
and classic rock (Break Glass) and spice it all up with sparkling vocals/harmonies,
you have my aural attention for a long on repeat time. Follow in my earsteps,
you won’t be sorry.

Single/clip: Sweat Tea


Stream/buy EGO DEATH here…

BEAMS: Facebook

(Images/info via Wolfievibes Publicity)

TURN UP THE VOLUME Listens Back – 25 From 1978

1978 was the year of Grease, Superman, The UK Winter of DiscontentSTOP!
Forget all that. 1978 was a new punk wave year of alternative razzmatazz,
sonic turmoil and timeless killer tracks by Patti Smith, Buzzcocks, The Clash,
Blondie, PIL, Talking Heads
and, yes, The Stones & The Boss and many more.

Also the year of teenage kicks and the year we
learned that Jesus was a rock ‘n’ roll nigger

Here come Turn Up The Volume‘s
25 ear-picked killer tracks of 1978

Also the year the world
turned DayGlo

(Image: Cover of the book of The Creative Life of Poly Styrene)