NEIL YOUNG Quits X – Twitter

20 November 2023

NEIL YOUNG posted this message on his website: “We are stopping all use of X that
we can control. For reasons that should be obvious to the richest man on Earth, we are taking this action against his company.”
An image of Musk with the text “Teslas should fly flags of love not hate” was inserted in the post, along with this statement by Young.

“For our many Palestinian friends and our many Jewish friends, we do need to start over
in the present and release our terrible connections to the past. As bad as they are, they need to be forgotten so we can be free to move on in life together, all humanity, focused on saving our planet for future generations of all people.”

Last weekend big corporate advertisers such as Disney, Apple, Paramount and LionsgateFlee stopped their marketing campaigns on X (formerly twitter) following owner Elon Musk’s antisemitic abuse on his social media platform.

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